The Significant Advantages of Grain Drying for Ag Systems

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Grain dryers of the first generation were not likely to adjust to the different atmospheric conditions, so drying was usually inefficient. Today’s grain drying technology has made a quantum leap with sophisticated grain dryers that optimally dry out thousands of bushels simultaneously, even with high humidity, high temperature, or other atmospheric factors. New grain drying systems also have fewer problems and are more energy efficient. Chester Inc. Agricultural Systems is a top supplier of Mathews Grain Drying Systems.

Mathews Company Grain Drying Systems Benefits

Safer storage space:

By minimizing the wetness content in the grains, the opportunity for degradation or germination of the corn, soybean, or wheat is minimal. For that reason, the product can also be stored for extended periods, safely preserving the quality of your crop.

Much less waste:

Grain drying and storage removes the dangers of too much handling, which causes crop damage. It also lowers grain loss and exposure to theft, birds, and rodents.

More efficiency and higher quality:

Grain drying accelerates the preservation process for greater crop flexibility and a rise in productivity. Drying several tons of corn in just a few hours is feasible. Back in the day, this process would need several days and be prone to spoilage.

Possessing your dryer makes a farmer more independent in harvest timing since crop drying is entirely under their control. Additionally, their product will arrive at the market at the highest quality. Which also eliminates the dangers of becoming reliant on others.

More productivity and profit:

Months of effort go into planting and growing your crop, so you must trust a highly reliable product for drying, conditioning, and storing your corn, soybean, and grain. The speed of the dumping system is automatically adjusted to allow for moisture variations with damp grain.

As one of Mathews Company’s top suppliers here in NWI, Chester Inc. Agricultural Systems upholds the highest quality of Ag standards by supplying superior services and assisting customers with Mathews Company Grain Dryers.

Mathews Company’s grain drying systems are versatile, inconspicuous, and fuel-efficient. Both deal with innovative functions to aid you in much better management of drying grain out. Variable-size grain columns utilize slim top columns to allow moisture-saturated drying-out air to escape rapidly and parched grain more effectively.

There are different options for continual circulating drying modes: 1) Complete heat continuous circulation, 2) Full heat constant flow with two temperature zones, 3) Continual circulation with louvers, or 4) Continual flow with louvers and hot air return duct.

For over 75 years, farmers have counted on Chester Inc. Agricultural Systems for dependable, quality grain storage. Whether you’re a farmer interested in grain storage space or an industrial operator needing handling tools, you’ll find the high quality you expect and deserve.

Today, Chester Ag Systems has over 1,500 irrigation, grain drying, and storage systems installed and serviced throughout the Midwest.

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